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PRO Stealth Superlight Saddle

PRO Stealth Superlight Saddle

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Of all Shimano's PRO saddles, the Stealth is designed for the most aggressive riding position, with the exception of triathlon/TT saddles.

This saddle features a unique short nose for the most forward position possible, a position proven to generate slightly more power in short-duration efforts. The front part of the short nose is also much wider than the norm, making the forward position in question sustainable for a longer duration, assuming the width is appropriate for your anatomy.

It also has a large central clearance to reduce pressure points and improve blood circulation. Covered with light, thin EVA cushioning, it provides low pressure but good support for the ischials, creating an ideal blend of support between the bones and the perineum.

It is also compatible with PRO accessories such as the camera mount and mudguard.

  • Unique short-nose design
  • Large central undercut to reduce pressure and increase blood flow to the perineum
  • Light, thin EVA coating
  • Compatible with PRO accessories such as camera mount and mudguard
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