Bike training center


It's not easy to stay motivated and constantly improve when you're cycling alone at home. Without the guidance and training effect of other cyclists, you run the risk of reaching a plateau and staying there, or becoming discouraged and neglecting your training.


BLCoaching's philosophy is to work on the determining factors of cycling performance (VO2MAX, CAL, THRESHOLD, TEMPO, ENDURANCE) throughout general and specific preparation. Each week, we train the different energy pathways to become a more complete athlete.

Training sessions follow a progression (e.g. + % IF and + TSS) and target both technical skills (e.g. RPM cadence work) and physiological skills. Emphasis is also placed on the importance of regularly evaluating these CPs in order to update training loads and measure individual progress.

How it works

Our training sessions take place on Inside Ride E-Motion rollers, CompuTrainer fixed bases and multi-adjustable bikes specially designed for BL Coaching. Whichever support you choose, all employ power measurement to accurately calculate the effort expended during your sessions, which vary in duration from 60 to 90 minutes.

Our mission

Encourage people to ROLL and set goals.

Our promise to you

Have fun on the bike and give 100%.

Our pride and joy

Admire our customers' motivation in achieving their goals and see their progress over time.

Our impact

To help cyclists move forward and give them a place to gather.

Our trainers