7 months unlimited Standard (after November 1)


The unlimited package includes unrestricted access to all our coaching sessions and free training sessions.


Plus, with the purchase of an unlimited package, get 20% off the purchase of a Power Meter of your choice.

À la carte

Power Coaching (with coach)

Structured training supervised by a coach, ideal for those who want feedback and extra motivation during their training sessions.

1 Power Coaching session: $39.99 +txs

Block of 10 Power Coaching sessions: $249.99+txs

Block of 30 Power Coaching sessions: $699.99+txs

1 month unlimited: $274.99+txs

Interval (training without a coach)

Structured training without a coach, ideal for those who are independent but want a pre-established structure.

1 session interval: 19,99+txs

10 session interval: 149,99+txs

Free roller *outside training hours

Free training on our premises.

1 free session (no data): 14.99+txs

1 month unlimited: 74.99+txs

Bike storage (6 months): $249.99+txs

Tuesdays. (for women only)


Unlimited access to the Tuesday time slot every Tuesday from 7 to 8 p.m.

Coaching session, book 72 hours in advance

To make a purchase, click on the ONLINE SHOP tab and select the type of service you require.