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Dura-Ace PD-R9100 pedals

Dura-Ace PD-R9100 pedals

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The Dura-Ace 9100 pedals are Shimano's latest top-of-the-range road pedals. The carbon platform is very light, but above all very rigid, for optimum power transfer. It has also been widened to provide a larger contact surface for greater comfort and stability. A stainless steel reinforcement on the pedal platform increases rigidity and durability by protecting the pedal from friction caused by the cleat. This reinforcement is replaceable.

The Cleats included are not the yellow SH-10s, but the blue SH-12s, which limit floatation to one degree on each side. On the SH-12s, the pivot point is now at the front of the cleat rather than in the center, which limits unintentional lateral movements and thus limits bad pedaling habits. Dura-Ace products are aimed at cyclists for whom performance and quality are the only selection criteria.

  • Carbon composite injected platform
  • Optimum power transfer
  • High stability
  • Extra-wide platform
  • Stainless steel plate
  • Excellent pedaling efficiency
  • 2 ball bearings, wide raceway
  • Durable, reliable performance
  • Stable, uniform weight distribution
  • Adjustable tension
  • Shimano 3-year limited warranty


Weight 234 g.

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