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Robusto PINK tire

Robusto PINK tire

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The ROSÉ is Ultradynamico's first offering and the mainstay of their line. Double it up for optimum off-road traction, or pair it with the CAVA at the rear for a little more skidding in corners.

  • He behaves like a skilled musician manipulating a Stradivarius, both on the sidewalk and on the ground.
  • Patented high-carbon compound for longer (normal) tread wear
  • Robusto sidewall protection for long tours and the flat-o-phobic gravel lover
  • A mysterious high-TPI envelope under this Robusto
  • Tubeless compatible
  • Diagram of an aeronautical delta knob for improved braking traction on gravel re-entry.
  • Tires individually wrapped and sold in a reusable organic cotton bag
  • 650b x 47.99mm
  • 540g
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