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Enve - SES tubeless tire

Enve - SES tubeless tire

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At ENVE, over 10 years of SES rim development have led to the development of Tires SES. The shape and construction of Tires rims greatly influence aerodynamics, ride efficiency and rider confidence. Tires SES road rims are wind-tunnel-proven to reduce drag, and are built to deliver ride efficiency, durability and confidence-inspiring handling - whatever the weather.

In addition to top-of-the-range aerodynamics, materials and construction, the new Tires SES are designed to complement the ENVE SES and Foundation rim models that use a hookless or hooked bead. With the introduction of the Tires SES collection, the question of " which Tires can/should run on my ENVE wheels " has been settled once and for all.

Developed in wind tunnels, tested and proven in the real world, Tires SES maximizes aerodynamics when combined with a pair of ENVE SES wheels.

In Tires 's quest for holistic real-world performance, aerodynamics is only part of the story. That's why the SES road tire has undergone numerous revisions, manipulating carcass, laminate and tread materials to achieve a competitive fast-rolling tire, without sacrificing other key performance parameters like durability and weight.

Tubeless for victory!

  • Reduced rolling resistance
  • Fewer punctures, longer outings
  • Ability to adjust traction and comfort according to tire pressure Tires
  • Stiffness and sidewall diameter adjusted for optimum tubeless performance
  • Weight: 255g (700x25), 275g (700x29)
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