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Garmin - EDGE 530 Seul

Garmin - EDGE 530 Seul

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Know exactly where you're going, on the road or on the trail, without a phone. Choose a point on the map or download an itinerary, and your cyclometer will take you to your destination without a phone, guiding you in detail. Once you've determined your destination, the Trendline function consults data from millions of routes saved by Garmin Connect users to help you find the most interesting routes. Thanks to preloaded TrailForks maps, you have access to a multitude of listed trails, without the help of your phone. Real-time Strava segment integration feeds your competitive side, displaying nearby segments, and comparing your performance to your personal best and the KOM or QOM results of the moment. The LiveTrack function continues to evolve, allowing you to send pre-written messages between cyclists and locate your partners. When paired with a phone running the free Garmin Connect app, you can receive notifications (text messages, social media alerts, emails), download training plans, review your activity stats, check the weather forecast and more.

  • Preloaded maps of North America to direct you to specific points, via routes you've created or downloaded, then transferred using Garmin Connect Mobile or Strava (via the Connect IQ app), and get you back on track if you stray off course
  • Return to start function takes you back to your starting point Ride
  • Trendline itinerary generator using Garmin Connect user data to find the most popular route to your destination, on roads or trails
  • ClimbPro mode displays statistics on the climbs you make (gradient, total ascent, distance to summit), as well as an elevation profile to help you manage your energy.
  • Dynamic mountain bike data with three new fields: jumps (number of jumps, hang time, distance and speed), overall trail difficulty, and how smoothly you rode the trail.
  • Access to trails listed in the TrailForks database, without a cell phone; log in to your account to record outings or use the Check-In function, directly on your device
  • ForkSight mode uses TrailForks data when you arrive at an intersection, informing you of your options (degree of difficulty, distance, altitude, etc.).
  • Strava segment integration function, pre-downloaded or not (using a connection to your phone), which notifies you when a segment begins, displays real-time data comparing your performance with the current KOM or QOM results, and provides results once the segment is completed (Strava Premium required).
  • LiveTrack function (activated by a paired smartphone) allows friends, family or trainers to track your movements, speed and more in real time
  • GroupTrack function displays the position and telemetry data of 50 contacts using compatible Garmin devices; sends pre-scripted messages and transmits geolocation data between compatible Edge devices using LiveTrack
  • Detect my Edge function instantly informs you when your device is no longer paired with your phone, and gives you the exact coordinates of where the connection has been lost so you can find the device if it has been dropped; Bluetooth alarm lets you pinpoint the device's exact location
  • Training plan providing data related to your Ride : weather forecast and clothing recommendations, amount of food and water to bring according to your fitness level (and reminders when it's time to eat or drink), and more.
  • Environmental factors such as heat and altitude acclimatization taken into account when calculating performance and recovery time
  • Training status to help you optimize your training, guiding your efforts according to your strengths and weaknesses
  • Alarm triggered if your parked bike is moved while you are taking a break
  • Incident detection function with built-in accelerometer; in the event of an accident, your position is sent to predefined emergency contacts via the paired smartphone
  • Powerful internal antenna receiving signals from three satellite constellations - GPS, GLONASS and Galileo - these multiple networks, combined with satellite position caching, ensure a fast connection and a reliable signal, wherever you are.
  • Access to the Connect IQ Shop to download applications, templates, data fields and other functions
  • Free Garmin Connect app lets you review your activities, receive notifications (text messages, social media alerts, e-mails, etc.), download training plans, check the weather forecast and more.
  • Compatible with sensors with Bluetooth or ANT+ technology
  • Improved processor for faster map navigation and itinerary downloads in a flash
  • Barometric altimeter recording information on climbs and total ascent and descent
  • Customizable screens
  • Front-mounting bracket included for mounting the device in line with the handlebars and connecting it to the external battery pack (sold separately)
  • In the box: Edge 530 cyclometer, stands (standard and front), USB cable, mounting bracket and documentation

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