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FINGERSCROSSED - Socks Rolling Harmony Black

FINGERSCROSSED - Socks Rolling Harmony Black

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If you're immersed in the sport of cycling, you'll probably agree that there's an inherent tranquility to cycling.
Like a rather large and incoherent family, cyclists share many quirks, such as awkward tans, and are universally bound by a passion for their lifestyle. One that constantly seeks to accelerate, optimize, speed up, improve.
In our opinion, our lifestyle should also apply these high standards to our morals. It should be accompanied by a tolerance for the diverse and sometimes offbeat characters in the cycling community.

At Fingerscrossed, we believe that our brand should not only be synonymous with cool, high-performance gear. We also embody a holistic joie de vivre, commitment and mutual respect. We are bound together by a shared love of the sport itself, but also by the tranquility it brings us.

We constantly ask ourselves:
How can we integrate this inner harmony into other areas of life?
How does the mindfulness of cycling rub off on our environment?
How do we define our "rhythm of peace" - for ourselves and for our community?

Our "Rolling Harmony" capsule collection is a wearable attempt to prioritize the rhythm of peace. Be ready to be grateful and respectful to each other - on the road and at home, in our teams and in our families.

We thought of temporary tattoos as a way of saying: peace should be enthusiastic and sincere, but it should also be fun and visible!
With our tattoos, you create a surface on your own skin that gives you the opportunity to wear something you stand for.
For the outside world to see.
Make your inner rhythm of peace visible.


FINGERSCROSSED socks make no compromises on design and performance. The heel and toe areas are triple reinforced for comfort and durability. By using PROLEN®YARN, we offer the best features for cycling socks.

HIGH COMPRESSION - for better blood circulation, stabilization and regeneration
LIGHT - 50% lighter than cotton
DURABLE - abrasion resistance is 2.5 times greater than wool or cotton
THERMOREGULATION - the best thermoregulation of all fiber types
MARKING - FINGERSCROSSED rivet on left sock is nickel-free
MATERIAL - 93% polypropylene, 7% elastane
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