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Kask - Helmet Wasabi White Matt

Kask - Helmet Wasabi White Matt

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The only Helmet for cyclists all year round. The Wasabi is a high-performance cycling Helmet designed for all-season riding with the freedom to choose between road, gravel and cyclocross. The Helmet allows the wearer to control temperature regulation with an adjustable airflow port to customize comfort and thermoregulation. This clever feature, combined with a merino wool lining and aerodynamic profile, makes the Wasabi the only Helmet you'll want to ride in.

The Wasabi provides temperature regulation like no other Helmet thanks to its adjustable airflow system. At the touch of a finger, a centralized vent can be opened when conditions warm up, or closed when they cool down, for an internal temperature increase of 1.5°C when riding at the same speed. Wind tunnel tests confirmed that less than one watt was lost between an open and closed vent when driving at a speed of 50 km/h. Impressive aerodynamic and ventilation characteristics, combined with a premium merino wool lining for protection against temperature fluctuations, put Wasabi in a class of its own.


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