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7MESH - Hollyburn Long Tights Women Black

7MESH - Hollyburn Long Tights Women Black

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Designed with profile overlock seams Socks, these warm tights are smooth and stylish with smart articulation that keeps them wrinkle-free even when pedaling. Whether you stash them in a Jersey pocket ready to slip on your bibs before a descent, or wear them right from the start of the ride, Hollyburns are as versatile as they are comforting.

An elastic waistband with Socks profile and silicone waist grippers keep the tights in place smoothly, yet securely. Eye-catching reflective details complete the look.

Like the Thunder 7mesh pant, Hollyburn tights now feature rider-adjustable hems. With up to 2.5" of hem available to cut, cyclists of all sizes can arrive at the perfect inseam length.

How to cut

Wear the Hollyburn at home and decide first if you're the right size. If so, go for a walk and note how much - if any - the hem needs trimming. Now go home and make yourself a drink. With a pair of sharp scissors, cut just below the hemline concerned, taking care not to cut the hemline itself (or spill the drink). Now sit back and admire your work - and try on your new tights!
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