[kaʀtɛl], n.m. - Alliance of companies and individuals with common aspirations

For us, cycling isn't a passion. It's an obsession.

We've designed and built a place where you can enjoy all aspects of this fascinating culture, with us. A place where all services are combined, where you can meet other riders, get invaluable advice, fabulous coffee, enjoy a state-of-the-art training facility and quench your thirst for beauty in an exceptional boutique. It's a place like no other, a place where, as in a platoon, the group makes us stronger than when we battle the elements alone. That's why we've named it Vélo Cartel.

We dreamed of a meeting place for cyclists.

A place that stands out because it's on the bangs of the usual bike trade, and where the human dimension would triumph. This is how the idea of Vélo Cartel came about. We offer members of a community the chance to come together, around essential services, in an environment that encourages pleasure and self-improvement, whatever their level. Our customers share a common passion, a burning desire, a tenacious but simple urge: to ride.

In our wheel

From the outset, we wanted to create a focal point for our community.

That was the whole idea behind Cartel: to provide a home for cyclists, brought together by a shared love of sport, a taste for beautiful things, a desire to improve their physical condition and to participate in something that would be a little greater than the sum of its parts.

Because we were convinced that our initiative would give rise to a renewed vision of the sport. Together, we were going to invent the cycling of tomorrow.

This future seems to be in perpetual construction. Since our foundation, we have been constantly evolving, both in response to the growing demands of our customers and with the aim of renewing ourselves to banish boredom, create surprise, and transform the frequent visits of our clientele into exciting encounters.

Our café is constantly evolving to offer top-quality products in an environment that we regularly modify to make it as friendly and welcoming as possible. Our clothing and bike ranges have a decidedly exclusive character, to make our store a destination. The cycling training room - praised by professionals and amateurs alike - has recently been joined by a bright, functional weight room where we offer free or supervised sessions. And on the second floor, we've designed a performance laboratory where you can fine-tune your positioning or take a battery of tests to measure your progress with scientific precision.

But even more important than the undeniable quality of our facilities is the people. There's the "we" of which you are a part, because we see you as more than just customers.

More and more of you have adopted us. You stroll through this place that you see as an extension of your living room. You join us for a group Ride in summer, to watch a gang race or simply to meet up with friends for a coffee.

In these uncertain times, when we're forced to retreat to our respective neighborhoods, this moment of hindsight allows us to measure our joy and pride in having succeeded in federating this community of magnificent cyclists and humans that we wanted to welcome.

Whatever your age, fitness level, type of riding, we do everything to make you feel welcome with us. And we see that our efforts are rewarded by your repeated presence and loyalty. But above all, because we feel that being part of this family stimulates in all of us the desire to ride, to continue to imagine the cycling of tomorrow, to constantly rethink our idea of pleasure, to come together to share the beauty of this sport.

Basically, everyone is looking for meaning in what they do, in the life they lead. For the Cartel team, your support for our proposal is the answer. You are our reason for doing all these things. Thank you for being here, for accepting our invitation and for taking our wheel.

Our team

Bruno Langlois

Founder and head trainer

Nicolas Mathieu

Responsable café et boutique

Gabriel A. Boucher

Responsable communications

Phil Malenfant