There are several types of performance evaluation. But none is as effective as INSCYD's at-home approach. Once the data has been obtained and interpreted by a certified coach, you'll have a comprehensible approach to the steps you need to take to reach your goals. And above all, you'll have a much better understanding of how your body works.

Take a car. You can put it on an acceleration track. You can see how long it can sustain a top speed, measure its acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h or push it until it reaches its limits.

That's what most fitness tests are all about.

There are 20-minute tests. 1-hour FTP tests. MLSS lactate tests. There's also 4DP(4 dimensional power). They all have their advantages and disadvantages. But in the final analysis, they mainly provide reference data that are useful for training, provided they can be interpreted.

The trouble is, with the exception of comprehensive laboratory testing (or MLSS, which requires a fair amount of expertise, precise equipment and organization), none of these can help you understand why your limits are where they are. And how to push them.


See inside the engine

Take another car. Open the hood and inspect the engine. You may discover that it's consuming too much oil, that the carburetor isn't up to scratch, that the timing belt isn't doing its job properly and is preventing the pistons from doing theirs.

That's exactly what INSCYD proposes to do: look inside your machine, find out what's working well and what's not, then make the necessary adjustments.

If you're an athlete (amateur or pro) striving for excellence, INSCYD will help you not only improve, but understand why and how your training plan works.


How does it work?

INSCYD's PPD protocol is done remotely (indoors or outdoors). You'll learn everything you need to know about your metabolic capacity, including your :

VO2Max: maximum oxygen absorption capacity in ml (O2)/min or ml (O2)/kg/min.

VLa/VLamax: maximum rate of lactate production. The value used is either mmol/min (VLa) or mmol/l/s (VLamax).

Anaerobic Threshold: the intensity at which lactate production equals lactate combustion.

FatMax: the maximum fat-burning rate; indicates the intensity at which fat burning for energy production is highest.

Carbmax: the intensity at which carbohydrate combustion corresponds to maximum carbohydrate absorption.

These results will then be interpreted by our certified coach and INSCYD algorithms to better understand how you use energy, accumulate lactate, and how your metabolism processes different macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, proteins).


Fully personalized training

When you know exactly what YOU need to work on to achieve your goals, every move makes sense. Our INSCYD-certified coach, Bruno Langlois, kinesiologist, can design a customized training plan for you, as well as give you nutritional advice to apply both during training and at an event.

If all machines look alike, that doesn't mean they work identically. The same goes for bodies.

Knowing how your engine performs best, what needs to be improved and which fuel is best suited to it, will help you get the best performance out of it.