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Tons - Support Mural

Tons - Support Mural

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Your bike belongs on the road or on the trails. When not in use it should go on the wall — not locked up in the basement.

Facts and features

Easy to install
Frame protection pads with anti-glide
Fits most road bikes*
Printed in Tons Bio Polymer™, mounted on solid and certified oak
Designed and produced locally in Denmark with the climate in mind

* Road bike up to 56 cm wide handlebars and max 15kg.


Danish Design and Climate Aware to the core

Every aspect of the design, sourcing and production of the Wall Mount has a profound intention to reduce climate footprint. Take the Tons Bio Polymer™, for example: Lightweight, strong and biodegradable.

As any other Tons product, the Wall Mount is all about low footprint and lots of value.

We hope you’ll appreciate it.

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