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Gobik - Bib GRIT K9 Man

Gobik - Bib GRIT K9 Man

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New generation of cargo shorts with ample storage space thanks to side and rear pockets. For use in gravel, all-mountain, enduro, e-bike and freeride disciplines.

  • Properties: Cargo compression
  • Operating temperature: +17 to +35 ºC
  • Sun protection: 50+ UPF
  • Weight: 184 g (M)


Long unassisted rides, where load capacity and comfort play an important role. In these challenges, we need to be very comfortable, as we'll be spending long hours in the saddle. It's also not uncommon to have nowhere to get supplies, so we need to carry food and accessories with us. These shorts will give you plenty of extra space to carry your gear safely.


  • Chamois leather Double-density K10 fabric and E.I.T Carbonium Flash bacteriostatic.
  • 2 side pockets and 2 back pockets for maximum carrying capacity.
  • Lightweight, breathable straps in segmented Lycra.
  • Waist panel in ultra-light mesh fabric.
  • The remaining panels are made of compressive, hard-wearing and very comfortable lycra.
  • Laser-cut polyamide leggings, vertical silicone inserts and reflective details.
  • It uses our famous K10 Chamois, one of the best options for long-distance routes, with two different density foams with elastic memory for great resilience. The central channel improves blood circulation and reduces pressure, while the E.I.T. fabric with carbon threads prevents bacterial growth and manages moisture optimally.
  • The side pockets are finished by gluing and laser-cutting, ensuring seamlessness and greater elasticity and retention capacity for our personal belongings.
  • It also incorporates rear pockets located on the Air straps, a novelty in segmented lycra, with a better fit to male or female anatomy and a non-invasive route, guaranteeing an optimal support system. They distribute the athlete's weight evenly and evenly, and ensure optimum perspiration levels.
  • The waist panel is made of an ultra-light mesh fabric that increases air circulation from the outside thanks to its high breathability.
  • The side, inner and rear panels are made of compressive, breathable and resistant Lycra, guaranteeing durability and comfort during pedaling.
  • JAMBIÈRES features a soft polyamide band with a laser-cut finish. Instead of the classic horizontal silicone band, minimalist vertical inserts are used, ensuring a fit without pressure or discomfort. Reflective details on the back enhance visibility.
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