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Vélo Cartel

Bib Cartel CCC Man Black

Bib Cartel CCC Man Black

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Over the past 2 years, we have conducted an in-depth study into improving the most critical part of a cycling outfit: the bib shorts.

In this study, we examined the construction of a wide range of bib shorts, focusing on improving comfort, performance and appearance.

The basic premise used in this study was a number of problems.

- Carbon bikes, wheels, seats and shoes are becoming lighter and stiffer; the human body, however, remains soft and therefore has to tolerate a lot of knocks. How can we better support the body?

- Leg clips, which press against the skin, often make cyclists (including trained athletes) look like they've put on a few kilos. How can we improve the fit and look?

The result: the Epic shorts.

The sculpted shape offers extra support in the riding position.

The leg yoke fabric features integrated leg grippers and offers progressive muscle support by varying the tightness.

The Vapor pad is part of our new generation of pads, and is a big step forward in terms of breathability and cushioning. The main research question during development was: how can we improve the damping needed to cope with the stiffness of carbon bikes without adding more material to the pad? The result: Vapeur technology.

The pad materials consist of a breathable, friction-reducing top layer. 2 intermediate layers ensure breathability and moisture transport. The main layer is where the magic happens. We use Evapore, a 3D webbing with enhanced cushioning qualities. When subjected to stress, Evapore transforms into a rubberized state, so even when compressed to its maximum, it still provides cushioning. What's more, the material is hydrophobic, meaning it wicks away perspiration. The pad stays dry at all times.

The benefits are obvious.

The pad remains compact.

Center of gravity more Socks on the saddle, more control over your bike.

Stability on the saddle is improved.

Better power transfer, less bulk.

More support with only 30% of the material.
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